Agra & Braj

The irony of the two distinct Hindu and Muslim vibes of the Braj and Agra circuit of Uttar Pradesh are unavoidable as you hop between monuments and temples. Even though the two regions are segregated by thousands of years, the undertone is inimitable. However, this observation is only limited to the general ambience of the destinations; one the birthplace of Lord Krishna, and the other, the Mughal stronghold for centuries. The only time period that both straddle is when the great epic, Mahabharata refers to Agra as ‘Agravan’, a vital part of the Braj Bhoomi (Braj land).

Combine the two for a journey into the land of Gods, 5000 years ago and then skip to 1526, when Agra was conquered by Mughal King, Babar, after defeating Ibrahim Lodhi, the last Sultan of the Delhi Sultanate. It is only after Aurangzeb came into power in the 17th century, that the glorious golden period of Agra faded into oblivion. While Taj Mahal , Shah Jahan’s tribute to his wife, Mumtaz Mahal, overshadows all other experiences of the city, take time to veer off into the other absorbing historical and cultural aspects of the city.