Bastar Dushera

Written for Chhattisgarh Tourism, this coffee table book explores the history, significance, current ambience and seasoning of different days of the Jagdalpur Dushera in Chhattisgarh. The festival is held in October, overlapping with the Navratris as a run up to the end of the festival, but is not connected to the usual legend of Lord Ram’s win over Lankan King Ravan.

A veritable time to visit Bastar, this is when there is festivity in the air and the place is abuzz with energy. Local festivals called Madhais in Chhattisgarh trump all other experiences for intrepid cultural adventurers. Different tribal communities travel from distances as much as over 100km (some of them even on foot) to participate in weeklong congregations of Gods and Goddesses, which make for most of the festival themes.