Beach Escapes

Beach Escapes: India’s coastline covers more than 7500 kms. I was fortunate to travel along Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh and contribute to the some of the beach escapes to the Lonely Planet Guidebook by the same name.

Escape to a beach if you like the sun and sea breeze, fresh seafood, and your holidays easy. India’s coasts offer a diverse string of tropical beaches. Take your pick from any one of those ideal for leisure, water sports, diving, or even history.  Discover a whole range of destinations with a guide that you can trust. Take your pick from the most popular beaches throughout India. Here is a list that will guide you to must-see sights and experiences, give you loads of reliable practical information and help you get the best possible value for money. Go armed with all the information you need without being bogged down by unnecessary details.