Food Guide

Good food is close to divinity. In Varanasi and places around, you are closer to heaven, not only because of the spiritual legacy of the region, but the mouth-watering local food. Like the region itself, the food here is a fusion of generous flavours, unabashedly rich creamy dishes and characterized by a myriad regional variations. Apart from the historic and religious draw of the region, one is bound to be mesmerized by the spoils of the kitchens.

When speaking of Varanasi, Allahabad and the region around, the words lassi, sweets and deliciously sinful breakfast come to the mind. Thoughts are bound to wander to an image of sitting by the stepped ghats of the Ganges, a cup of tea in hand, and letting conversations with locals take their own course. Like the region, the food here is a treasure trove of flavours and varieties.