Heritage Arc

Two thin blue capillaries can be seen on the vast map of India, fusing with each other, close to where the heart of the subcontinent lies. Allahabad is situated at this significant confluence of the Ganga and Yamuna rivers (along with the mythical Saraswati), opening the traveller to a world of mythological and spiritual wonder. With this comes the history of imperial Mughals for whom the city was a relevant strategic position for control and subsequently the prominent administrative hub for the British Raj era. Home turf for some of the most outstanding national figures during the freedom struggle, Allahabad can be well imagined as the destination that was the hot-seat of India’s ancient and modern history – Allahabad’s Museum, Chandra Shekhar Azaad Park and the Anand Bhavan buildings throw up ample testimony. Apart from Allahabad, discover Jaunpur, Srawasti, Vindhyachal, Braj, Agra and more in Uttar Pradesh’s Heritage Arc.