Nature Trips Chhattisgarh

Nature Trips Chhattisgarh: The endless green of the paddy fields, the shimmer of sinuous rivers clinging to silted banks, cool shaded stretches of verdant forests and the torrent of water gushing down cliffs, breaking the gentle drift of rivers, is designed to mesmerize the traveller in Chhattisgarh. As far as nature is concerned, from Barnawapara National Park in the North to Kanger Valley in the South, ever waterfall and saal thicket, Chhattisgarh’s elegance unfolds with every bend of the road.

Despite suffering massive deforestation of saal trees at the hands of European settlers, Chhattisgarh’s forest cover can still leave travellers speechless. Hundreds of sq. kms of dense forests are an ode to the rich land of Bastar. The Kanger Valley National Park in South Bastar is the main draw for wildlife and nature enthusiasts. Likewise, the network of rivers across Chhattisgarh makes it one of the most cultivation rich regions of the state. Chhattisgarh can easily acquire the moniker of ‘land of waterfalls’. From the more popular Chitrakote, to largely untreaded ones like Mandawa and Tamara Ghoomar, the waterfalls promise to enthrall. The sun’s rays synthesize with the spray from the waterfalls, to create one or more rainbows in front of them ensuring that this dazzling view is forever etched in your memory.