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Carved out of Madhya Pradesh, barely fifteen years ago, the state of Chhattisgarh has bloomed into a riveting destination that is both topographically stunning and culturally rewarding. Etymology suggests that Chhattisgarh’s name can be traced back to its lineage of 36 feudal territories or forts that do not exist in the same form now. Chhattisgarh, to the traveller promises a journey not only into its sinuous lands but an eye-opening journey within. The landlocked expanse of the state encompasses undulating hills, sprawling fertile lands bursting with bright green paddy fields, zigzagging tributaries of the Mahanadi and the Indravati plunging frothy waterfalls and dense shaded forests, that hold timeless secrets of nature. It is said that this is the very land that even Lord Ram walked on during his exile.