Telangana: A Culinary Journey

The newest addition to the southern states of India, Telangana was chiselled out of Andhra Pradesh in June 2014. The youngest addition to the Deccan region, it is wedged within Karnataka in the west, Maharashtra, Odisha and Chhattisgarh in the north, while the east and south borders are hemmed by Andhra Pradesh. Its own natural and cultural wealth is amplified by influences from across the border. The state is blessed with considerable beauty – remarkable waterfalls, inimitable cuisine, ancient burly forts and a vast bouldery countryside that is exceptionally unique. Telangana is still refreshingly remote and off the radar for many travellers, making it a fresh destination to explore.

Food and travel go hand in hand for a wholesome experience of a destination. One of the most prized identities of a place lies in its culinary heritage and its influence in daily lives. In this book, we explore the unspoilt sights along with the cuisine of the region. We journey back into historical events that have influenced the food of the state and use the same prism to understand life from close quarters now. We promise that it will be a book worth savouring.