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Acro Iris, Goa

Goa, a popular destination for tourists from all over the world, is one of the most accommodating destinations for holiday-makers. Alien cuisines & cultures have become easily palatable to the locals and somewhere the old world charm of this fantastic state seems to be getting lost in the stereo typical methods of entertainment for tourists. In such a time, it’s crucial for some to take on the onus of reviving and sustaining what is left of the inherited charming architecture & culture.

Having lived in many parts of the country, Bennita and Ganesh went through a 3 year ordeal to restore a 120 year old colonial mansion to make it their home in Goa. Coming back to their roots and seeing a satisfying end result, they recently decided to open up their house to share their wonderful lifestyle with people from all over the world. Avid travellers themselves, they are sensitive to the subtle needs of people who come to their house, giving them an opportunity to explore on their own along with a feeling of being well taken care of.

The bright yellow house stands vividly in the backdrop of one of the lakes of the Curtorim village. The large portico and the wide airy rooms are aesthetically done in the colours of the rainbow, after an innocuous declaration by their daughter – calling the house ‘a rainbow city’. The colour themed rooms blend in perfectly together. The wide courtyard of the house and the hammocks outside, call for lazing in or catching up on a good book.

Three large collages in the living room are what catch the eye when one enters the house. These are made of the photographs of the progress of the house and tell the whole saga of transformation from a wrecked mansion to its new avatar, keeping intact the essence of the architecture with recycling most of the parts of the old structure.