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Bed Head – The Most Viable Airport Transit Hotel in Bangalore

Bed Head
Having endured and mostly enjoyed a number of hotels, guesthouses and homestays for over ten years on the road, this is a series of blogs about some of my most memorable stays. ‘Bed head’ lists and reviews accommodations across the world, either to point you to some of the most comfy, snuggly beds with a glorious view outside your window or some that you should steer clear from (very few would be subjected to my wrath – I have massive patience for bad service, unclean rooms, etc)… So here goes, read the first of the series.
Bed Head: The Most Viable Airport Transit Hotel in Bangalore
Despite quick trips from one city to another, with barely time to park yourself for a single night, many of us wrongly choose hotels located close to the city centre, than the ones close to the airport – possibly not aware of the great options that are available close by. We are ready to travel more than 20 kilometers more into the thick of traffic clogged roads and incessant honking rather than stay at a place that might have closer access to the airport. Atleast in Bangalore, late arrivals, early departures and a night of insipid hospitality can be avoided by staying at one of the top five hotels and resorts that are characterful, even if it means that you might be there only for a few hours. Complete rest comes only when you can sleep with abandon. Here is my top pick for drifters into the city!
Ethical, off the main highway, green and characterful are the first words that come to my mind when I think of Oldè Bangalore. Also, a sense of relief when I think off veering off the busy highway and turning into a quiet tree shaded road to Oldè Bangalore. What’s waiting for you is a well-equipped tent (nothing adventurous), complete with a wooden door, a bouncy bed, refrigerator, mini bar, a practical shower, a workstation and even a separate lounging area! Though I suspect that it might be difficult for you to tear yourself from the pavilion outside the tent.  Comfortable sleep, guaranteed!
More than anything, if you are in any town only for a short time, you can barely get a piece of the city. At Oldè Bangalore, you are inducted into Bangalore right from the reception. A modern and traditional aesthetic converges in the form of a mural as the backdrop of the reception. Even the dining options are named interestingly after Bangalore themes – South Parade (erstwhile M.G Road) is the main restaurant while the coffee shop is called By Two (that’s how you split the coffee in Bangalore). The bar has outdoor seating as well, which is designed to ensure that you enjoy the ever-pleasant Bangalore weather. Tempting, isn’t it?
And if you have time before your flight in the morning, take a quick dip in the swimming pool as well.
Airport drifters, look out for ‘few hours’ or ‘overnight’ packages on
This is a sponsored post but the thoughts are truly mine.