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Cherai: A perfect backdrop to an offbeat family vacation

Kerala never ceases to amaze me. Whether it is the tourist stalwart towns of Fort Kochi, Alleppey or Varkala, or the lesser-known destinations that make this thin slice of a state such a rewarding travel experience. Many years ago, I landed up in Cherai on a whim and was surprised that it had not yet featured on the blogs and brochures as a ‘top offbeat destination’ or alike. For me, this was a gorgeous place to unwind.

beach scene in cherai kerala

Palm tree copses along the beach

Cherai is located near North Kochi and known for a long stretch of uninterrupted golden sand. However, there is more to it than just this. And that’s not all. It checks the box on ‘things to do’ if one wants the day to be action-packed. It also checks the ’family friendly vacation’ box, so don’t hesitate to take the kids. Ideally, it’s a perfect overnight detour from Kochi.

Go off the beaten track

Here are some of the offbeat places to visit in Cherai.


The Ochanthuruthu lighthouse is 46-meters in height. Race up to the observation platform in the lighthouse’s tower and take in the gorgeous view of the areas around. The dominant colours will be green, brown and blue thanks to the verdant surroundings, golden sand and the blue water rolling off from its edge.

Lake Poyil

Lake Poyil is located where the sea and Cherai backwaters meet. The shimmering lake is good for a boat ride and good to wear out the children. It can have a package tour feeling on weekends, so it’s best to visit during a weekday when the footfall is minimum.

offbeat family vacation kerala

The blue water beckons

Breakwater Point

Witness the spectacular sunset Cherai has to offer at the Breakwater Point. Traditional canoes and colorful fishing boats come in during this time, and the activity on the beach is high-octane. It fits right in for those who are partial to local experiences. It also has another draw – a houseboat that completes the family vacation feel.

Vypeen Island

Vypeen Island was formed in 1341 due to heavy floods. A trip here is a veritable history lesson for kids. Remnants of the 16th century Portuguese rule can still be found here in the form of the Pallipuram Fort and some structures close to it. These are the island’s main attractions.

Mar Thomas Pontifical Shrine

The Mar Thomas Pontifical Shrine is dedicated to the Saint Thomas. It is a beautiful structure built in blue and white. The main highlight of this church is the right arm of St. Thomas. It is enclosed in a glass case and is open for display to the public from time to time.

Know more about tourist places to visit in Cherai for your next family vacation.

offbeat travel in kerala cherai

A peek into local life at the village

Best time to visit Cherai – Kerala

The best time to visit Cherai for family vacations is between the months of September and May.

How to reach Cherai

The nearest airport to Cherai is the Cochin International Airport in Kochi. This is about 20km away. The nearest railway station is Ernakulam Junction. This is around 1km from the main boat jetty in Cherai. The place is also well connected by road to other cities in Kerala.

Where to stay in Cherai

The Club Mahindra Cherai Beach Resort is located amidst lush greenery and has a beautiful pond in the middle by which you can relax and enjoy the tranquillity the place has to offer. With the Arabian Sea on one side & Kerala backwaters on the other, Club Mahindra Cherai Beach Resort is an ideal place for a relaxing family holiday. There are numerous activities to keep you and your little ones occupied when you all are not exploring the area. These are boating, kayaking, biking, table tennis, board games, and more. The resort also offers modern amenities to make your holidays more pleasurable. Some of these include the Svaastha Spa, gym, swimming pool, Italian restaurant, play area, and a whole lot more!
The next time you and your family decide to visit Cherai, instead of just visiting its famous beach, do visit the above places and have a delightful time.
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