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Nagaland POTM 2010, 7/12

The last day at the Hornbill is certainly the most exciting one. After the peace rally commemorating the WWII soldiers, the last performances end in all the tribes building their bonfires and then lighting it in mock competition from the central one. 4- 6 in the evening sees everyone dancing together, including guests from all over the world – a great big party!

After all the dancing at the HB venue, everyone rushes to the Rock Concert – a Mecca for rock/ heavy metal artistes all over the country. Its the greatest completion in the country with the maximum prize money of about 5 lakhs. Apparently, a Bangalore band, Slain, won this year. We misses them, but did cheer a group called, ‘Not yet Decided” – pretty evident as we laughed through songs like ‘ Haraam Khor’ and lyrics like “ kutte kameene, mein tera khoon pee jaoonga”.. all this after a 2 hour drive through bumper to bumper traffic. Still all worth it… Last rice beer of the trip with the best pork curry and rice.