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Ringing in the New Year

Do not let the title of this blog fool you.
I’m not a big one for ‘occasions’! Birthdays, anniversaries, marriages, first dates, second kisses or the third anniversary of the first time my roommate broke up with her 11th boyfriend is all in the same bucket for me! That’s why I don’t get the mania around New Year’s Eve. Call me cynical, but the idea of a massive hangover, watching fireworks in different parts of the world while not visiting them, tiresome bucket lists of things to do, senseless TV, high decibel parties and resolutions that will wither away in exactly ten days does not appeal to me anymore. So I’m heading home, to curl up in bed, deep in the folds of two quilts with a hot water bottle for company, because that’s exactly how comforting I want my 2015 to be. I’m going to be in chilly Dehradun, but if you’re in Bangalore and have sacrificed your apartment for a house party, here’s what you could do.
Drive 30 km towards the airport and take a left just after the ITC factory on the airport road, into a quiet winding lane, flanked by a small village and a few plantations, and into the gates of Oldè Bangalore. Designed to pace your speed, the soothing ambience of Oldè Bangalore is suited just for those who want to unplug! Even though the lure of filter coffee in its Bangalorean ‘by/two’ form might distract you, I would give the namesake coffee shop a miss and rush right to the tents. I was here only for an evening and while I had a great time sipping coffee by the pool and swiping fresh cookies from the bakery, it’s really the tents where I wanted to settle in for the evening. Tucked away at the back of the property, the little cluster of Swiss haven is far from ‘outdoorsy’. Tastefully furnished and extremely well equipped, it’s like staying in a hotel room, only with movable walls. I had my eyes on the easy chair on the sit-out but sadly, no time. Slink into it, with birdsong in the backdrop, million shades of green in front and read until the sun does not co-operate anymore and the crackling bonfire close by beckons. Warning – the easygoing vibe of Oldè Bangalore might ensure that you don’t see the clock strike 12! But that’s the point right?

The tents at Olde Bangalore at dusk

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