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‘Tea’ For Travel…

Why is my blog called TeaForTravel? Apart from a childish attempt at a fertile use of words, letters and a partial spoonerism, I think tea is very closely related to my travels and experience of places and people. An ingredient acquired from the Chinese and a habit imbibed from the British, one can find Indian’s sipping their versions in the hottest and coldest of places. And I’m quite sure that the concoction works at various levels in people’s hearts..A cup of tea binds people together like an unsaid, ‘spit on it handshake’ – It’s a first endeavor of invitation, making and firming up associations…conversations flow more easily over a hot one.

So, cheers to whatever you may call it – ‘cuppa’ for the daintily sipping ones, ‘chaya’ or ‘ek kadak’ for many…. Enjoy!