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Casa Da Morada, Panjim, Goa

It is a fascinating experience to live in the heart of history and dive into the legendary tales with stalwarts of old times. Aloo Gomes and his wife are one of those couples who are extremely fervent to open their warm house and its archaic background to discerning travelers. Located close to the Panjim canal in the historical Latin colony ofGoa, Casa Da Morada promises an informative and explorative holiday.


The ground floor of the house has a bougainvillea adorned entrance from the quaint and charmingGomes Pereira street, named after his grandfather. A connoisseur of local art, Aloo patronizes only Goan artists and has a collection of 100 paintings in the house. The ancient furniture of the house belongs to the ancestral home inDivarIsland, from where the family fled after the infamous plague ofGoa. The couple is proud of their numerous historically relevant artifacts and is extremely conscious to preserve these, a passion shared by their two young sons as well. One can have some private space to indulge in this beautiful house, as the ground floor is kept especially for guests, while the family lives on the first floor.


With an illustrious background of being in the travel business for decades, it is but natural that Aloo and wife are ever- enthusiastic to participate in the conservation of the area. Their enthusiasm and cheerfulness is almost contagious and one can be ensured a memorable stay with the couple and their boys for an incredible holiday.


  1. Walks around the Fountainhas area of theLatin Quarter, the streets of Kempal and the renowned 31st January Bakery are hard to miss when highly recommended by the hosts.
  2. The proximity from the popular beaches ofGoais about 40 minutes by car.
  3. The inviting casinos are only a short walk away.
  4. A trip to theDivarIslandand some spice plantations can also be organized at an additional cost.



  1. Taxis for travel within Goa and Pick Up and Drop can be arranged at request.
  2. Internet is available.