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Emerald Trail, Bhimtaal



It is absolutely worth the arduous climb from Bhimtaal, to reach the edge of the oak forest beyond Jangali Gaon. Bordering the tall oaks stands ‘Emerald Trail’, an exquisite cottage on the highest edge of the village. The first to encounter both the chilly breeze and the warm sun of winter, the cottage is an idyllic place to get isolated from the city life.  Always keen on the outdoors, both Sumith and Leena constructed the house recently, but have made sure that it blends in perfectly with the earthy surroundings.

Wooden steps from the common area lead up to a landing with sunlight seeping in through some panels in the roof. All the rooms are spacious and have a stunning view of the hills and the valley. Antique furniture, including an old record player, is part of the house adding to its aesthetic charm. The most delightful feature of the house is a bird-house a little below the roof.

Great for kids, there is ample are in front of the house to play in. A farm like experience for the kids is on the cards with the cow, some vegetable plants and probable new additions to the coterie of animals. Dog lovers themselves, Sumith and Leena welcome guests with pets, as there is plenty room for them to run around, a luxury less known in the cities.

A place which will surely transport you to a different world, Emerald Trails is a must for those who want to submerge themselves in the unassuming life of the village by the oaks.


  1. A trek to the historic Kailash Mandir can be organised with experts. It is believed that the temple has a mention in the epical tales of Hindu literature.
  2. A picturesque spot, the dead end of the road, peeps down at the valley and the river below. A great place to walk to in the day and have a chat with the villagers on the way.
  3. With the two cycles on the property, one can ride to the village area cautiously. The breeze on the hills is sure to brighten up the day. Children can ride in the farm itself.
  4. Milking the cow, tending to the plants and a little fishing in the pond can keep both children and adults busy for the day.
  5. With a number of books stacked in many corners of the house, it’s great to catch up on some reading.
  6. A perfect spot to gaze at the clear skies, the cottage has a telescope to explore astronomy.
  7. One can give a try at camping skills by pitching in tents.
  8. Trips for sightseeing to Ranikhet, Naukuchiyataal, Bhimtaal, Saattaal and the surrounding areas can be organised.
  9. A paragliding launch pad is not too far away from the house. If one is feeling adventurous, the winds of Garhwal are known to be friendly.


  1. Pick up and drop can be arranged.
  2. A car is available if one wants to take short drives around the place.
  3. The internet is available with a data card.
  4. The common area has a TV for those who want to relax and enjoy their favourite shows.
  5. The kitchen is available for those who want to rake up something special for everyone.