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Olaulim Backyards, Goa

The whole experience of Olaulim Backyards can be summed up in one word – Discovery! Right from finding your way through the lush, curvaceous narrow lanes of the area, to entering the unassuming little gate into the wide wilderness, it feels like one is unearthing a precious hidden place.

Born in different countries but making Goa their home almost twenty years ago, Pirkko and her husband are more Goans than many living their already. Having restored an old house in this inconspicuous village, they transformed the concrete structure into a beautiful haven. Keeping the rough country look of the place absolutely intact, they have almost carelessly thrown in the luxurious cottages and a swimming pool for guests to have a great experience, with the wide lake in their backyard. Keeping elements of nature intact in the cottages, the natural aesthetics lend a unique look to every room. The open air bathrooms are certainly a refreshing rendezvous with nature.

All cottages open out into the wide garden, where you can see Mantra the donkey and young pony lazily grazing. Be sure to completely indulge in fishing for prawn or swimming or just taking some languid walks in the village. Take a book and absorb the place with the strains of some Blues music wafting from the living area outside the kitchen.

Pets – It will be difficult to accommodate another pet in the company of four dogs, a cat, a donkey and a pony, even though the family is evidently fond of animals.

Children – With both the kids of the house assuming the confident roles of hosts so easily, the young brood are sure to have a wonderful time with them.


  1. A large tributary of the Mandovi River snakes into the backyard of the house where kayaking, boating and canoeing can be done under the guidance of the hosts. Since the water is not deep and the couple and their children are experienced, one can be rest assured that you are in safe hands.
  2. The water bodies of Goa attract a large variety of birds, making the house a great place for bird watching enthusiasts.
  3. A swimming pool in the garden certainly calls for a refreshing swim everyday.
  4. The large garden, intentionally unmanicured mingles with the adjoining wilderness to make this a great place for having a barbeque on the banks of the water body.
  5. Settled in the heart of the village, one can go on exploratory walks, pleasantly surprised by what more Goa has to offer, other than the popular beaches.
  6. Pirkko can arrange for cooking classes to sharpen those skills and try something from the Goan delights.
  7. A pottery expert is available to take a few classes. Though this can be arranged on prior request.
  8. A kids adventure area is a boon for those travelling with an adventurous bunch. Keeping safety in mind, the house has an exclusive place for rappling, rope climbing, a tree house and adventure barriers to try out.
  9. A 2 day scuba diving trip can be arranged for at a separate cost and prior booking.