Having been a part of the travel writing community for over a decade now, it is no surprise that I’ve met hundreds of other like-minded travellers, who like me, have had to take long duration cabs as a solo traveller. Most of us share the same woes, same thrills and same opinions about what travel means to us. For the women, safety is always a key consideration and a common refrain sums up a universal issue – “If I get a good cab guy, the trip is a successful one!” Many of us have heartening stories from the road, where the person driving us has gone out of his way to help, make us feel protected and extended support, more than just the transactional relationship of being a driver. I don’t mean to alienate the men – I’m sure the same holds true for them too.


As a payback to the travel community, here’s a post with contact details of these wonderful drivers. Hopefully, many of you will be able to book them with confidence since they are referred after personal experience and also share their contact details further to more travellers, and steer business towards them.

I have travelled with the below drivers/ companies at ominous hours, middle of jungles and less than comfortable hours. These folks have gone out of their to take me to the best Theyyam performances, ensuring that I reach safely to my destination at an odd hour, shared cups of tea, meals and their stories. All in all, I’ve felt very safe with them and hopefully, this will help you guys too.

Additionally, there are numbers sourced from other travellers as well. I want to thank all of you who’ve contributed towards this list. We started this as a discussion on the TravelIST community (www.facebook.com/groups/117790038820193/), and since, many of the other members have used these contacts for their travels. Please do keep spreading this list and write to me to add to it.

Happy Travels!

  1. Hyderabad and other parts of Telangana – Mukhtar Ali: 9000761891
  2. Chhattisgarh – Ashok: 9098672003. Was such a help during demonetization. Shared his biscuits and 100 bucks with me for 4 days.
  3. Fort Kochi & Around – Asian Cabs (Contact Mr. Lijo): 9995205828
  4. Thekkady & Around, Kerala – Anshad: 9495216817
  5. Alleppey & Around, Kerala – Naseer: 9400417870/ 9447347476
  6. Andaman Islands – Raja: 9531809402
  7. Goa – Nanu: 9822131497
  8. Jog Falls & Around – Pervez: 9480008612
  9. Dehradun & Around – Satnam Ji: 9411583861
  10. Udipi and West Coast of Karnataka – Vishwanath: 9448843081
  11. Bangalore & Around, Karnataka – Janardhan: 9845878799
  12. Hyderabad & Around, Andhra Pradesh – Jagdish: 9390698903
  13. Chhattisgarh – Ice Cubes (Mr. Jaspreet): 93030 48400
  14. Himachal Pradesh (Manali to Leh, Spiti etc as well) – Gangadhar Ji: 94180 50073
  15. Shillong and Meghalaya – Parimal Pal: 9862102512 (Referred by Rajiv Verma of facebook.com/thenortheastexplorer)
  16. Kanyakumari/Tuticorin and Manapad – Vineesh: 9894778382 ( Referred by Anita Joseph)
  17. Jodhpur – Habib: 9667411290 (Referred by Supriya Suryanarayanan)
  18. Punjab, Haryana, Himachal, Uttarakhand, J&K, Delhi- Avtar Singh: 9872587058 and Himalayas – Shakti: 9805856941 (Referred by Puneet of cuttingloose.in)
  19. Dehradun -Naveen: 9720094630 (Referred by Sundheep Balu)
  20. Zanskar – Ashiq from Kargil: 9469736975 (Referred by Shubham Mansingka of travelshoebum.com)
  21. Aizawl and around in Mizoram -Ringa: 09862522890 and Kiran: 08258871869; Imphal, Moreh and around in Manipur – Inaucha: 7085824077 (Referred by Elita of nomadicthunker.blogspot.com)
  22. Cochin and around – Jofy Joseph: 9645036935 (Referred by Parnashree Devi of traveldiaryparnashree.com)
  23. Siliguri – Rajan: 96410 75955 for Siliguri; Gangtok and Namchi – Raju: 8768744248; Ladakh – Tashi:96229 52497; Amritsar – Singh/Happy:9417108051 (Referred by Harini Sriram)
  24. Amritsar – Shailendra: 8283959967; Kodaikanal – Mohan: 9942191900 (Referred by Colin of the3hungrymen.com)
  25. Kashmir – Shaquat: 9906598895 / 9858397905 ( Referred by Manish Modi)
  26. Bali, Indonesia – Yudi: +62 812 88088287 and Kadek: +62 857 38679768 and Rajasthan: 9829766640 (Referred by Nikhil of the3hungrymen.com)
  27. Fort Kochi – Antony Das, auto driver: 98951 84988; Trivandrum – Girish: 9447724527; Bangalore – K.K Taxi: (080) 4151 9999 ( Referred by Ganesh Vancheeswaran)
  28. Bhutan– Noor: 9735002253 (Referred by Saakshi Rajat of saakshirajat.com)
  29. Shimla – Mangat Ram: 98161 69021 (Referred by Anuradha Goyal of inditales.com)
  30. Bihar– Sanjay: 7488479992 (Referred by Deepti Khera of nostalgichobo.wordpress.com)
  31. Chennai and Around – Selvam: 7299940222 (Referred by Gitika of gitikasaksena.com)
  32. Pune/Aamby Valley/Outskirts of Maharashtra – Bhooshan Bhaiya: 98228 22316 (Referred by Ruchika Gupta)
  33. Nagpur and Tiger Reserves in Madhya Pradesh – Nandu: 8421254472 (Referred by Sundheep Balu)























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