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The Homestead, Ramnagar



‘Hospitality’ is a pale word to use in reference to the warmth extended by Bunny and Amu in their sprawling farm bordering the Corbett National Park. One secretly hopes the light-hearted suggestion of adopting many visitors in the house, to be true, for one to get completely spoiled in the hosts’ fantastic company. Quite precisely in the middle of Kashipur and Ramnagar, The Homestead, is a five hour drive from Delhi and Dehradun. Well connected by both train and the road, the location is great for a weekend getaway, though the home truly demands more days for a complete immersion in farm life. It also steer clears from the over abundance of guest houses and hotels near the Jim Corbett Park, though conveniently located only 13 kilometres away from it.

Acquired by Bunny’s father in 1952, the 150 acres farm has collected as many legendary stories as the number of toilsome years of setting it up to the way it stands now. Wheat, sugarcane, leeches, mangoes and a variety of other fruits and plants flourish in the vegetation-conducive land which surrounds the house from 3 sides.  A cottage, three rooms and a recently constructed spa area with two rooms are perfect to accommodate large groups, while keeping ones privacy intact. Immaculately and tastefully decorated, the rooms are extremely comfortable with bright sunny terraces opening out from each type of accommodation.

From flying ultra-light aircrafts in Europe to a passion for gardening, it’s a pleasure to get absorbed in the numerous engaging stories over breakfast or a drink by the fire with Bunny and Amu. Their enthusiasm about using the latest addition to the house, a gym and a spa, is absolutely contagious. Passionate conversations about the state of the art telescope, Bunny’s paintings, Amu’s collection of unique plants, jazz music, the neighbouring tribal Tharus and Buksas, Amu’s delectable recipes of jams & pickles and many more captivating topics calls for endless cups of tea in the garden.

It’s admirable to watch the hosts interact most affably with their staff, who have been an integral part of the family for many years. A haven for animal lovers, a rare Rhodesian ridgeback dog is a treat, along with 3 more dogs, birds, poultry and other animals on the farm.


  1. Bunny & Amu’s latest muse, the spa experience, with the reflexology infinity pool, Jacuzzi and the Turkish Hamam, is unarguably the most exciting and unique part of the home. A massage room with two tables is being set up as a luxurious addition.
  2.  A swimming pool with in the corner of the sprawling lawn is perfect for the summer. A mural done in stone by Bunny gives way to a waterfall into the swimming pool.
  3. A gym with a treadmill and a cycle has been recently constructed with a massage chair to comfortably watch TV in.
  4. A children friendly area with a Tree house and a sandpit is an idyllic spot to let the kids get their hands dirty.
  5. A complete farm experience with bullock cart rides, a trip to the fields, milking the cows and tending the poultry is a must.
  6. The state of the art telescope is the hosts’ most recent acquisition for those who want to try a hand at stargazing.
  7. Cycling in the farm in the nippy afternoon sun is great to test that stamina.
  8. 17 kilometres away from Corbett National Park, day trips can be arranged.
  9. Fishing enthusiasts can ask for a short trip to be arranged to a nearby river. A popular sport with the family, you will have ample records to break.
  10. Elephant rides near the national park can be organised.


  1. Wi-Fi Internet is available for those who want to get connected.
  2. Pick up and drop from Kashipur or Ramnagar can be arranged for easily.
  3. Assistance for train, flight or cab bookings is available.
  4. Swimming Pool
  5. The gym, Jacuzzi, Turkish Hamam, Massages and the use of the reflexology pool is available at a cost.
  6. Each room has a kettle and tea paraphernalia ready for use at all times.