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The Only Olive, Goa

A pleasant relief from the clamoury tourist areas of Goa, the Aldona village is tucked away on the lush green banks of Mapusa River. A great idea to drift away from the stereotypical itinerary when visiting Goa, Aldona is perfect to absorb the village life.

Having lived outside of Goa for many years, Adrian’s desire to reconnect with his homeland led into a series of bizarre connections with his name and lineage, to find him a century old cottage in the village of Aldona. A charming story, which would make a perfect breakfast tale, is a must hear from Vandana and Adrian, once you arrive in the enchanting house called The Only Olive. Not bereft of small anecdotes, one story leads into another – the most interesting being the name of the cottage. Christened after the only recorded olive tree by the horticulture department, the perennially flowering tree is the most distinct feature of the house. Though it is difficult to curtail it from reaching out to the front patio, one cannot help but grow some affinity with it, as you hear about its saga.

Ensuring that the rich history of the house wasn’t lost in time, the hosts restored and recycled most parts of the hundred years old walls, keeping the Goan essence intact with the elevated portico, beams and stained glass. The large windows make a seamless connect with the nature outside and perfect to grab a book while you absorb the quietness of the surroundings.

The bright blue walls adorned with photographs of Goa, the four poster beds, a delightful open kitchen and the utmost cordial Santosh who shares an age old bond with the house are bound to make your stay absolutely memorable. Don’t forget to take a peek at the attic with the wooden steps heading out from one of the bedrooms.


Pets: Well behaved pets are most welcome at The Only Olive

Children: With plenty of things to do with kids around the village area, you are welcome to bring along the brood.


  1. With a running river in your own backyard, it is hard to resist grabbing that fishing rod. One can also borrow Adrian’s if you just want to give it a shot.
  2. The pleasant evenings always welcome the idea of a barbeque in the lawn.
  3. A quaint little restaurant around the corner, called Androl, serves the most delightful Goan food. Let them surprise you with the ‘catch of the day’, which is not listed on the menu.
  4. The Aldona village, unlike the commercial areas of North, is pretty untouched by tourists. One can enjoy a languid walk in the lush green surroundings.
  5. A number of easy hiking trails are at hand – a perfect way to engage children.
  6. For those who want to get the sun at the beach, the popular Baga Beach and the still untouched Morjem beach are a short drive away. It will be interesting visit both and see the complete contradiction, right from the shacks and the waters both.
  7. The area which defines the local pottery is a brown town called Bicholim – a must visit to see the handicrafts and tiles being produced here. Fifteen minutes is all what will take to get here. The famous Mayem Lake is good stop for a cup of tea and some boating.
  8. The Aldona area is perfect to cycle around with the hot sun not bothering much in the cool green surroundings.


  1. Life without a TV and AC is extremely refreshing.
  2. The internet connection can be taken via the phone.
  3. A pick up and drop can be arranged at an extra cost.
  4. The open kitchen can be used by the guests at any point of time.