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Vivenda Gomes Pereira, Goa

Take a plunge in history with Antonio Gomes and his wife in the Latin Quarter of Panjim. Their 200 years old house, located in the heart of the oldest Latin colony ofAsia, is packed with tales and legends of the Portuguese era; a satiating treat for history buffs. The characteristic ancestral house essence has been carefully kept intact even after renovation for adding some practical new touches to the house. With such a rich historical family background, Anton has naturally eased into consultation for restoration of ancient buildings and it is easy to drift into centuries back with him over a cup of tea.

Vivenda Gomes Pereira stands suitably well located from the airport and the tourist destinations ofGoa. The stretch of 30 kms from the airport can be done in about 30 minutes. Antonio is passionate to suggest some untouched places in the small island of Divar, from where the family hails.

The home is a good blend of privacy and being able to mingle with the family, as the first floor is completely given out to visitors, while Antonio and his wife stay on the ground floor. Guests can make themselves comfortable in the ancient ancestral furniture and dive straight into the stories of each and every artifact, which decorate the spacious wooden floored living room. The most charming place of the house is the balcony that overlooks the street. The original wrought iron railings are still intact and durable from when the house was built. The balcony is also home to a fascinating object of historical importance; the bust of Mahatma Gandhi, which was taken in a procession by Antonio’s grandfather. A legendary anti-Portuguese nationalist was a renowned journalist who wrote by the pen-name of Scorpion, and took the onus of bringing the Mahatma’s ashes to immerse in theMandoviRiver.


Vivenda is definitely the destination for a treasured holiday for those who want to experienceGoaslightly differently. Antonio and his wife are extremely generous to share numerous stories and anecdotes about the house and the area for an enjoyable stay.



  1. Walks in theLatin Quarterand a meal at Panjim Inn, the first heritage hotel of Goa are recommended.
  2. Old Goa and the Divar islands visit to get a taste of oldGoa.
  3. Though the charm of staying in the heart of the Latin Quarter is unparalleled, the popular beaches ofNorth Goaare only an hour’s drive away.
  4. For those who want to have a tryst with Lady Luck, the casinos are conveniently a short walk away.



  1. Pick up and drop from the airport can be organized.
  2. Cabs, self hired or rented vehicles can be arranged easily for those who want to explore the town.
  3. Internet is available for guests.