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Woodside Retreat, Pangot


The unassuming and tranquil village of Pangot got Tykee and Rahul’s attention over ten years ago, when they built their oak-wood facing house off the hardly motorable road to Ramnagar. Passionate about working for the interest of the community in Pangot, it was a natural choice for Tykee to build the home close to families living here. Untouched by the touristy clamour, Pangot stands on a high distance off Nainital, and still has only about 8 families living in the village. Perfect to lose yourself to the simple affability and localness of the place, Woodside is great to get away from the din of the city.

An aesthetic delight made of stones, slate, rubber-wood from Kerala and abstaining from the use of local forest wood, the house stands on the edge of a thick oak forest. All 6 rooms overlook the forest and have a common area with a much needed fireplace and TV. A combination of wood and turquoise stone work on the furniture and the wooden steps give away the simple but endearing creative attention given to small elements.

With Tykee’s varied interest and experience in wildlife, environment, preservation of forests and providing aid for local communities, it’s a perfect place for naturalists and environment enthusiasts. Her NGO, Sanskara has been doing exceptional work for the environment in collaboration with the government and knowledge and enthusiasm for the cause is contagious. Rahul, an engineer by profession is a travel enthusiast and holds team building workshops for corporates.

The couple, though are fond of animals, are vary of having pets being got along, as it is unsafe for the pets in the vicinity of the jungle.                                                                                                                                         

A fill of sumptuous Kumaon food can be expected at Woodside.


  1. Bird watching with an expert can be organised for enthusiasts.
  2. Difficult and mild treks based in the foothills of the Himalayas can be planned with prior intimation.
  3. A trip to the Kilbury point from where the whole range of snow capped peaks can be viewed is a common tourist activity, but is a must.
  4. Pangot, though pleasantly isolated, is close to the main tourist hub, Nainital. An itinerary to visit the tourist destinations from Nainital can be planned with the hosts.
  5. A highly recommended tete-a-tete over a cup of hot tea is recommended at Binayat, a short drive away.
  6. A variety of interesting spots like the ancient Shiva temple, walk to Chhudeni, a trip to the caves and Kunj Kharag are enough to fill the days at Pangot.
  7. A covered round fireplace is best to lounge around outside and enjoying the peace of the woods.
  8. Barbeques can be arranged for two separate groups.
  9. The house has a snooker table; a popular one with the guests.


  1. Pick Up and drop can be arranged for with prior request.
  2. The house has a TV, a lovely fireplace apt for the weather and a snooker table to fill your evenings.
  3. Internet facility can be provided.